Save money by shopping at $1 Store

Know what to get, what things to avoid and where to find the best offers at $1 Store.

Bring your shopping list to $1 Store

Sometimes if an item costs a dollar it does not mean it’s a bargain especially if you do not need it. Follow your list! Overspending without thinking is very simple at $1 stores, therefore before you pick something up, check if it’s on your list.


Save extra cash with coupons and sometimes may offer discount coupons in fliers or on-line.  They also acknowledge manufacturers’ discount coupons.

Don’t forget: Ask the store manager if you possibly could use your discount coupons as well as the store coupons.


Save well on household basics

$1 Stores generally have good prices on handmade cards, craft materials, items required for your party and much more. Furthermore look to spend less on household essentials like cleaning supplies such as for example paper towels, disinfectants and sponges.


Check the website

Go to the $1Stores’ web sites to get more offers and savings.

At, you can buy items in bulk., and do post their sales fliers on the sites. As you create your grocery list for the entire week, compare their offering deals with the ones at the supermarket.


What things to avoid at $1 Stores

Cheap doesn’t have to mean it’s best. So at $1 Stores try to stay away from buying things like vitamins and any medication that could have possibly expired or have misleading labelling.

Think before you decide to buy toys that may consist of small parts (they could be a choking hazard), some electrical items (some have already been found having a fraudulent UL labels that show basic safety testing) and some kids jewellery (that may contain element like lead), according to ShopSmart.

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