How to make your car more fuel-efficient?

You can cut annual petrol by third. You can save $100s. It’s not enough just to find cheapest fuel but making your car run more efficient will help you to save money 

1. Make sure your tyres always kept inflated

You can improve fuel efficiency up to 3% by making sure that your tyres are properly inflated.The drag on your car is increased when tyre pressure is low.


It means your car requires much more fuel. Make sure you regularly check if pressure is correct.

2. Make your car lighter

You can improve fuel efficiency up to 2%. Less power is required to accelerate if your car is light. Get rid of all junk from the boot. Not carrying unnecessary load you may well save more money.

3. No roof rack

You can improve fuel efficiency up to 2% by removing a roof rack. Even when you are not using it, a roof rack creates wind resistance to your car. The result of this is that your car drag is increased so it makes your car engine work much harder. So if you’re not required a roof rack – just take it off. Even slightest thing like closing your car windows will help it run more efficiently.

4. No air can when you drive slowly

You can improve fuel efficiency up to 8%. New cars are not too bad these days but air con is still using a huge amount of fuel.

If you drive slow, it’s much better to have windows opened and air con switched off and opposite if you drive at higher speed.

If you started your engine, make sure you drive off immediately. Don’t waste fuel on making run the engine if you’re not using it. If you stuck in a traffic or you have long delays on a highway – switch the engine off.

5. Do not fill your tank up

You can improve fuel efficiency up to 1%. Fuel is really heavy, so if you do fill your tank up, you add a lot of weight. So the less fuel your car has, the more efficient it is.

But don’t forget that your car required more fuel in winter so make sure you don’t get it too low on fuel. 

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