How hostels can save you money in Europe

In the current financial state, many of us want to find new means of getting our kicks for less and we certainly don’t desire to quit our holidays. Accommodation may swallow up the largest part of your travel cash but deciding on a hostel can save you some money.

Hostels are actually beginning to give huge competition for hotels many of them  offering stylish decor and atmosphere intended for meeting fellow travelers. You can also find eco hostels nowadays.



On basic level, hostels always provide you with clean bed linen and towels for no extra cost. Wi-Fi access and may also be available but it’s important to note if it’s free of charge and if not, what is an hourly rate. Hostels may also provide you with free breakfast.

New boutique hostels are remain cheap and offer even more comforts such home cinemas, Wiis and even ceramic strengtheners.


Ethical Travel

St Christophers at the Mosaic House  is a very first hostel to set up a drinking water recycling device with recuperates temperature. Winner of the Eco-Friendly type hostel, this hostel dancing showers, low-stream toilets and energy-effective lighting.



Maintaining your personal things secure is always a priority, especially if you’re bunking down with various other guests. Be sure to find out if your hostel offers personal lockers. You might have to bring your personal padlock, however, the hostel will often offer you to buy these at reception



You can get hostels just about anywhere to suit your break.  Although you can stay in central location, but choosing a hostel somewhere further from the town can not only lead to cheaper room pries but also give you more chance to find its local bars, feel authentic experience. If budget is your main reason for choosing a hostel on the outskirts of city, make sure you take a note of the transport reaching city centre.

The historic “High Street” Hostel in Edinburgh is in the center of town, close to Edinburgh Rail station but still surrounded by Holyrood Park



For single travellers meeting other people is always important section of any trip. Try to find out of your hostel includes a lounge area which is commonly used by people  after busy day. Hostels with onsite pubs are also particularly cultural. It’s always better to know other people over a glass or two.

The Backpacker hostel is located in Seville and offers visitors to relax in the backyard, enjoy a drink at sunset. If you want you can take part in ‘Paella Night’ on Saturdays.


Value for Money

Hostels quite often offer cheap room rate and are ready for budget travellers. Hostel with self-catering facilities will allow you to prepare a your own breakfast or dinner in that way saving you even more money.

Find out in case your hostel has any activities planned throughout your stay.



To know very well what to expect from your chosen hostel, best thing is to ask previous visitors. Always read the reviews and note the rankings to know if the hostel is a good choice for children, it staff is friendly and if hostel is in general clean condition. 

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