How exactly to Hold a Yard Sale

September 25, 2014 Saving Tips and Trics


Convert your trash in to cash thanks to a “yard sale”.

Whenever your basement is filled up with boxes of unwanted stuff, the first thought would be to throw them away. But instead why not to hold a “yard sale” that will help you to get rid of unwanted stuff and will earn you some money. Follow these steps if you want to have an effective money-making “yard sale”!


Create attractive displays. When you are displaying  your goods, think just like a store owner. Group products on tables by type and size, hang clothes on a rack, and stuff any purses with tissue papers so that they look new. Keep all your stuff on the tables so they are exhibited at waist height to be more accessible.

Consider your clients. Entice browsers to hang in there by offering to buy bottles of water and pre-packaged snack foods or doughnuts. Play quiet music that will help customers to relax. Another clever store tactic: Keep children occupied while their moms and dads shop. You can lay out a “free package” for them with stuff like fast-food toys, coloring books and crayons.

Plan to draw crowds. Plan your sales on Saturday, when people have time to fully stop and do some shopping. Mornings and afternoons have a tendency to bring in probably the most profits, so you need to start at around 8 or 9 a.m. Since early birds might come by sooner, lay out tables preferably the night before so that you can stock them quickly the following morning.

Think carefully of how much you’re going you charge. Make sure that your items are priced at around 25% less of the current retail value. Use a thick dark marker, write the purchase price on a sticker and affix it to the selling item. After your item being sold, remove sticker with a price and stick it in your notebook, so you could keep the track of your profits. You will need at the very least $100 worth of coins and bills for change.

Spread the message. You have set the stage, now you will need to spread the message with attention-grabbing advertisements. Try the following methods to attract visitors to your sale.

Put up signs. On neon poster, you need to write in big letters “Yard Sale” your street address and day/time of your sale in thick black letters. Place your posters up at main intersections. (Don’t forget to take down all signs afterwards or you might get fined)

Post fliers. Give more detailed information on fliers: Mention well-known items and brand names you’re about to sell. Buzzwords like “vintage” also attract clients.

Promote it. Placing ad in your town’s local newspaper is an excellent way to drum up business. Try to place the ad few days before your sales day. Costs are often minimal.

Use the Internet. Post article with your “Yard Sale” details on your local community Internet Sites along with sites with bigger audiences. Create a short video showing items you’re selling, also advertise on YouTube.

Attract attention. On your sale day, tie some balloons or even flags to your mailbox. Snag passers-by by placing eye-catching products, like furniture or perhaps a big stuffed animal.


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