How did a family manage to save $7,800 a year?

September 6, 2014 Saving Tips and Trics


A family in America proved that it is possible to save up to $7,800 on groceries a year. It doesn’tmean that you need to stop eating 🙂 All you need is – Planning.

By following tips provided you can easily save few thousands of dollars each year.

Tip No.1 – Make your meal plan for a whole month

Not only may be the monthly method easier, but also, you won’t be tempted to waste cash on foods that you haven’t included on your paper.

  • Write down favourites: Create a detailed set menu of the recipes you understand how you can cook.
  • Always check what’s in your fridge so you realize what you currently have got and what you require to buy
  • Browse ads and product sales fliers: Circle, make a note of the items you require and super deals you would like to stockpile for later.
  • Gather coupons and Match your clippings with the selling products and stash them in different envelope on your upcoming shopping trip. Always take all of your coupons to the shop so that you can pounce if you discover an excellent unadvertised markdown.


Tip No.2 – Do your shopping once a month

It may sound like a hard work to do all your shopping monthly, but the more time you’re at the supermarket, much more likely that you are to get items you don’t even need. In fact, shoppers who visit the store for a fast trip end up buying about 50 percent more they planned:

  • Be flexible – If you’re missing a vital ingredient, it is simple to swap dinners ao you don’t end up running to the shop and buying more than you need. Also, some ingredients can be substituted
  • Borrow it – Talk to your neighbour or a friend if they have your missing ingredient.


Tip No.3 – Cook in batches

One day each cook food that can be frozen and reheated later.

  • Cook a night before – Throw an inexpensive chicken or roast into your cooker so you have got some food ready the next day
  • Make an inventory – Make note of the tasks that require to be done, such as for example chopping onions or dicing turkey. Let your family to assist with this.
  • Prepare the containers – Label all the containers you are planning to use clearly marking what’s inside.

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