Driving efficiently

You can drive exactly the same distance in exactly the same time using significantly less fuel, chopping as much as 30% OFF your fuel prices, but without reducing your top acceleration. It’s about driving even more smoothly to improve your fuel efficiency.1 Accelerate without over-revving gradually

Speed up smoothly. If you push on the pedal harder, more gas will flow – nevertheless, you can accomplish exactly the same speed using significantly less power. As an extremely rough rule, stay under 3,000 revs.

2 Drive in the right gear

Drive in highest gear without labouring the motor always. So change up much sooner than feels natural. Again, an extremely rough guideline (although it differs wildly with each vehicle) is not to mull over 3,000 revs.

3 Slow naturally

Than brake at all times, let your vehicle slow naturally. Make use of its stored momentum.

4 Consider road position

To do all of this takes road recognition. The more alert you’re, the more effective you can plan forward and move gradually.

In lots of ways, this all comes to one little guideline.

” Each time you place your foot on the accelerator, keep in mind, the harder you push, the more fuel you may use”

Be aware of this and of your road location, and you should massively increase what lengths it is possible to drive on tank of gas. It’s believed a person who averages 35milesper gallon could achieve 40mpg bydriving much better, a near-15% saving.

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