Coupon-Clipping Myths

September 14, 2014 Saving Tips and Trics


There are many things that people believe it’s worth or not worth doing in order to use discount coupons.

Read our article below and discover what is true or not.


  • People believe: 25 & 50 cent Coupons Aren’t worth anything.

In fact:  Could be not on their own. But in the event that you buy a product which is on that doubles your coupons, you have a chance to turn a 25 cent coupon right into a dollar or even more of savings.


  • People believe: Collecting and then sorting discount coupons is very time-consuming

In fact: Finding the savings really does take some time. But one study revealed that individuals who spend ten minutes or less weekly clipping their coupons, can save typically  $7 off their every week grocery costs.


  • People believe: Downloaded applications and online discount coupons definitely contain Spyware

In fact: The coupon printing applications that are used by many major websites don’t contain spyware, that may record your keystrokes to discover your passwords. But these applications restrict the amount of coupons it is possible to print


  • People believe: Discount coupons are mainly for packaged and processed food.

In fact: If you are not interested in processed food items it is still possible to still find discount coupons for products like organic meals, cheese and eggs.


  • People believe: Coupons always promote overbuying

In fact: Even though many discount coupons may offer “40 cents off 6 Yogurts”, you still may besaving on each individual product. When you are browsing your printable discount coupons, most of them are for just one product rather than buying several.


  • People believe: I can’t find coupons I like

In fact: If you would only do just a little searching, you could easily find discount coupons for almost everything.

But in case you find a discount coupon for a brand you normally don’t buy, why should you ignore the opportunity to get it cheaper? Switching brands might save you lots of money and it is a brilliant saving strategy.

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