Cheapest places in America for foreign students to reside

Are you a foreign student thinking of studying in USA?

Have you considered all aspects of living costs, transportation costs and etc?

You can save money by residing in the cities mentioned in this article below!!!

Al large number of foreign students are choosing to study in USA. Almost 4% of all students that choose        higher education are from foreign countries.

So if you are a foreign student planning to study in USA, you need to consider many things. You need to choose cost effective school/college/university and obviously the city where you planning to reside. You need to make sure you have considered all the aspects of living costs, transportation costs and etc.

Here are 10 most cheapest cities for foreign students in USA.

1. Idaho Falls (Idaho state)

Living costs 12% below the average. Affordable housing prices can offer you to rent a house for about $655pm on average. Even housing expenses are 29.2% below the average national expenses.

2. Conway (Arkansas state)

Living costs 12.1% below the average. All utilities and health care are much cheaper than in the state capital.

3. Springfield (Illinois state)

Living costs 12.3% below the average. House value is about 39% below the average US price. Phone, electricity bills are about 15.2% lower than national average.

4. Pueblo (Colorado state)

Living costs 12.9% below the average. A very small city not too far from Denver.  House value is almost half of state’s average cost.

5. Wichita Falls (Texas state)

Living costs 13.6% below the average. If you thinking of purchasing or renting a house with, this is one of the cheapest places in US.

6. Fayetteville (Arkansas state)

Living costs 14% below the average. City can offer you University of Arkansas and cheap housing and transportation costs.

7. Memphis (Tennessee state)

Living costs 14% below the average. A very big city can offer you many universities and colleges. City has even 3 companies of Fortune 500.

8. Norman (Oklahoma state)

Living costs 14.4% below the average. City can offer you high income and low living costs.

9. McAllen (Texas state)

Living costs 14.6% below the average. City has low housing prices, living and groceries costs.

10. Harlingen (Texas state)

Living costs 18.2% below the average. City has very low housing and groceries prices. Not many other cities can offer that.


Now it’s time for you to do a bit more research, decide where you want to study and reside and  how else you can save money. 

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