Cheaper visit to Disneyland, California

It is easy to find discount tickets to Universal Studio or Sea World for Southern California visitors. But it’s not so easy to find discount tickets for Disneyland.

These are some tips that might help you to save even up to $100.

  • Buy tickets online. Buying tickets online and not at the gates, can help you save up to $50 per ticket.
  • CityPass. Are you planning to visit other attractions in Southern California during your trip? If so, you can get Southern California CityPass. 3 day Disneyland ticket and one for each day at Universal Studios and Sea World can get you a total discount of 30%.
  • One Park a Day.  That’s how reduced tickets are called. They are about $15 cheaper. It means that once you enter a park of your choice that day – that’s the park you can visit for rest of the day only.
  • Southern California residents. If you live in zip codes 90000 – 93599, Disney usually offer special discounts if you purchase your ticket online.
  • California Teachers. If you are a member of CTA, ACSA, CRTA or member of First Financial Credit Union, you can get discount tickets through TSA Special Services.
  • Student in Southern California University. Some universities in Southern California offer one-day discount tickets.
  • Hotels. Some hotels offer discount tickets once you rent a room.  

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